Each part of Italy is amazing and surprising itself. The North is rich with various landscapes – it is both majestic mountains, smooth surface of lakes, valleys, woods and, certainly, a net of towns, each one with its own history, traditions and features.
In embraces of the Alpine tops, on the bank of Lake Como there is the charming city of Lecco. It occupies the southeast part of the lake and it is one of the main arteries in north Italy. This city has a special atmosphere; it harmoniously combines taste of the past and the present, carefully keeping the characteristics.
The history of the city is very interesting and many-sided.
Celts the first population in this area were replaced eventually by the Romans, who had built the military settlement and developed here the important transport hub. In the 6th century the city was occupied by Lombards. Long time Lecco belonged to the Milan duchy and in the 19th century together with the rest of Lombardy became a part of the united Italy.
Having passed by the central part of the city, it is easy to feel an atmosphere of old times.
Certainly, the attention will be drawn by Lecco’s symbol – Saint Nicola’s church of the 18th century with the known bell tower 96 m high, in the form of a pencil. The church sets on a hill, it opens to the remarkable view of the natural wealth of Lecco and to the attractive ancient center.
Having passed across paved city streets through the original areas, your will realize the following main town sights as: “Palazzo delle Paure” with the meaning is “Palace of fear”, built in 1905 for tax administration, which is performing functions of museum nowadays.
Also it will be interesting to visit “Palazzo Falck”, this elegant building in Renaissance style on the main square of Garibaldi adjoins such not less important historical sights as: “Palazzo di Croce di Malta” and “Palazzo della Banca Popolare”.
The municipality of the city occupies the worthy building of “Palazzo Bovara” called by the name of his architect whose house is also a Lecco’s place of interest since 1927. In the courtyard of municipality there is a town planetarium and a small garden.
But inhabitants and tourists will receive the greatest pleasure from the elegant embankment where the moored boats and sailing vessels in the neighborhood with beautiful swans smoothly shake. On the embankment it is possible to experience traditional dishes and also the tastiest ice cream. Many words can be narrated about the rocky mountains which embrace the smooth water surface alpine lake. Fans of water walks will be able to visit with pleasure the most interesting places on Lake Como, having bought the ticket for the boat which goes to the city of Como.
The whole Lecco province is the unusual and unique region which has concentrated in itself the mass of unforgettable routes. Fans of mountain and sport entertainments both in the summer or winter period, will be able to find worthy occupations in only a few minutes driving from Lecco. Water sports will also offer the various choices from rowing on a canoe to sailing sports. The real experts of height will be able to enjoy the paragliding on the mountain near Lecco where annually take place the international competitions in this sport. And at last, Lecco and his vicinities will be able to offer a set of the museums, historical country houses or monuments for visit.
Visiting this city you is an experience that will remain in your heart for a long time.

The city of Lecco also has an important historical position with respect to the iron industry. In history it has been one of the first italian city for the manufacture of iron so that was named “Iron City”. This now gives the possibility to find various lofts and industrial properties to be converted into the lofts.

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