Pre-sale phase

  • Property valuation
  • Analysis of type of refurbishments vs. constraints
  • Specialist legal assistance
  • Drafting of customised contracts
  • Development of lay-out concepts for interiors and exteriors of the property

Post-sale phase

  • Definition of technical and legal obligations
  • Assessment of artistic/landscape constraints
  • Resolution of public property issues.
  • Project management to support the development of restoration and refurbishment projects



Services usually means a series of activities, which may or may not be comprehensive, in support of those buying a property. In the majority of cases, services are regarded as complementary and are therefore carried out as such. In my opinion nothing could be more wrong.
For those, like me, that think of themselves as a guide whose task it is to help people and make their dreams come true, services are a key part of the project. And that’s not all: it is the quality of the service, its precision and comprehensiveness during the pre-sale and in particular the post-sale phases, that determines the success of the operation and the genuine satisfaction of the customer.

The residences (the properties) I propose to my customers are the realisation of a dream. Their dream. And they must remain their dream in all circumstances. This is why it is my job to prevent and solve problems, whether bureaucratic or legal, or relating to restoration or refurbishment work. Always in the name and on behalf of the owners, usually entrepreneurs and professionals from all over the world, who are very committed to their work.

The pre-sale phase

Consists of the correct valuation of the real value of the property; the analysis of the type and scope of the work required, whether regulatory, structural or aesthetic; the planning and scheduling of the work to carry out; specialist legal assistance in the drafting of customised contracts. Finally, the drafting of a first lay-out concept hypothesis for the interiors and exteriors of the property concludes the pre-sale phase.

The post-sale phase

Having defined the technical and legal obligations connected with the nature of the property, already forecast during the pre-sale phase, my contribution during the post-sale phase begins with an assessment of artistic and landscape constraints and public property issues. Once all regulatory aspects have been resolved it is possible to begin developing the concept of the new house, launching the restoration or refurbishment work. In this phase, as well as the resolution of regulatory and legal aspects, the work I carry out for my customers regards a series of activities that come under the umbrella of project management.

The role of project manager

As project manager my role is to support the work of the owner’s architects, working alongside them onsite. A collaborative approach that I have successfully adopted for many years with professionals from all over the world, during which I operate as a project and linguistic middleman with local experts.
I personally oversee all phases, taking responsibility for ensuring respect for the project and for the progress of the work carried out by structural engineers, electricians, plumbers, bathroom fixture experts and builders. I search, I choose and I oversee refurbishment or work carried out by local specialist artisans: cabinet makers, marble workers, stonemasons, botanists and gardeners.

Custom details

In my fifteen years of experience I have learned that almost nothing can be serialised or standardised; during restoration or refurbishment work there are tens of thousands of individual details: many of them are created one by one according to ad hoc designs. I purchase furniture, furniture accessories and all domestic equipment on behalf of my customers, following the design brief drafted by the customer’s architect.
If the customer requests it, I search for and choose furniture, furniture accessories and electric and electronic equipment.

You can see the results here. The photos show the exteriors and the interiors of the properties and villas on Lake Como for which I managed the sale and refurbishment work.

A work that requires commitment and dedication. But it is worth it: “homes for life” are forever. Timeless values to pass down from generation to generation.