Villa Rachele Beccaria

Villa Rachele is immersed in a 19th-century park facing the Isola Comacina. The first structure was actually built in the mid-18th century, while the entire complex was not completed until the early 1800s. The extraordinary gardens of this luxurious property can only be glimpsed from the lake, with its twelve majestic sycamore trees, a gigantic Lebanon cedar, as well as a number of evergreen magnolias.
The three-story villa is built on a large semicircular terrace facing the lake, with three separate entrances on its façade.
The surrounding park is composed of two main levels: the upper part with bay tree groves, lime trees and ancient olive trees, all typical Mediterranean vegetation; while the lower level features cedars and magnolias, more typical to the lake region itself. The property also includes an original private pier, dating back to the 17th century.

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