It is not always simple to describe the beauty of lake Como and Lecco surroundings. The quiet of all the small towns will not leave you indifferent.
Varenna is not an exception so far. This beautiful fisherman’s town of the 11th century, is situated 20 km from Lecco and 60 km north Milan. Its population hardly reaches 900 inhabitants that does not influence its hospitality at all.
The tourists walking on Varenna’s streets can enjoy aroma of fragrant gardens, feel the atmosphere of former times and walk, like on a podium, along the romantic embankment of the bewitching lake. Vezio’s castle used by the queen Teodolinda as a viewing tower will offer you an exclusive view on a surrounding landscape.
It will be interesting to visit also the Romanic church of Saint George in the center of the town entered in the list of the world heritage of UNESCO with its surprising frescos.
Varenna will be proud to present to its visitors two magnificent villas with rich history: Villa Cipressi constructed in 1400, which has kept all charm of antiquity and the aristocratism inherent in many rich houses of Lake Como with the fine equalized gardens. Today Villa Cipressi is a luxury hotel with a quality restaurant. And Villa Monastero – a bright example of eclectic style with the fine exotic gardens 2 km long, falling directly into the lake. It is necessary to notice that Villa Monastero today is the world famous conference center which offers universities, the companies and the research centers an opportunity to work in a very picturesque place. From Varenna the view is extremely open toward Bellagio and Menaggio and sunsets are impressive also in winter.
As for natural miracles, visitors of the town, can admire white waters of the smallest river in Italy named Fiumelatte that means “Milky river”. In this area it is interesting to remark the presence of the antique Villa Capuana built on the ruins of the Villa of Plinio at the beginning of the XVII sentury and sold by Property At Lake Como in the recent years.

Besides, it will be interesting to mention that Varenna today, is the international scientific ornithological center with an international recognition.
Varenna, for sure will become the ideal place for those who look for the vacation spot and inspiration.

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