Carate Urio

The great number of ancient people and historical epoches give attention to lake Como. This surprising area is full of valuable monuments of architecture, fashionable villas with unique cultural legacy, smiling houses on the slopes of mountains and incredibly impressive nature. Houses and villas sink in greenery of botanical gardens, the south exotic plants give piquancy and Mediterranean spirit on a background power of northen Italy mountains. Poets, writers, composers, artists, philosophers, found here the inspiration and created world masterpieces.
This time, it will be a story about the unusual double named town – Carate Urio. It is located only 10 km from Como city, on the western coast of the lake. Carate occupies the territory on hills, smoothly going down to the lake, thanks to characteristic staricases with arches and Urio occupies the coastal territory. These towns led the full-fledged life separately up to 1927 when they were united. The gravestones of Gauls and remains of an ancient Roman era testify the ancient times origin.
The history and religious traditions of Carate Urio are spread from the 10th century. When one of the first churches on Lake Como devoted to San Quirico and Saint Giuditta has been built. Unfortunately, the church hasn’t kept the original state as it has undergone a set of ruination during time. Today, we can enjoy restoration of church in 1865 and the internal furniture of church represents the Renaissance period. It is necessary to tell that the terraced square in front of the church opens to an amazing view. Among other churches of importance, it should be noted Saint Marta church and Saints Jacopo and Filippo church in Carate.
It is important to mention one more sight worthy of your attention that is the Urio’s Castle. Nowadays, it is only a name left of the castle, it functions as the country house constructed in the 12th century on ruins of ancient strengthening. The country house is surrounded with a beautiful park with statues and it has direct access to the lake. The other buildings of the complex have been completely reconstructed but haven’t kept the initial shape.
Other known sights of Lake Como can be visited, having used water jets or winding along the lake on the picturesque road.
You shouldn’t forget also about active recreation. Routes of nearby mountains will be able to surprise even the most spoiled judges of panoramic views, and the sailing sport and rowing on a canoe will help to keep you in great shape always.
Certainly it is worth visiting these unique places anyway and, who knows, to choose one of them as the place of the accommodation.

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