The comON Street Scape travelling event comes to Como in association with Associazione Culturale Art Company, a Street and Urban Art exhibition that seeks to reflect on the new ways of producing and exhibiting this kind of art, a project to transform the aesthetics of the urban landscape in different ways. Held from 12 October to 4 November 2012, during Creativity Week and involving some of Italy’s leading Street Artists, such as 2501, Baric, Bros, El Gato Chimney, Emiliano Rubinacci, Omar Hassan, Pao, Luciduck, Santy.
ComON Street Scape is much more than a travelling exhibition: its goal is to manipulate forms of architecture and interact with street furniture, also with the use of installations. Leaves that are reborn to give life to a gentle giant reminiscent of the fantastical characters of the Wizard of Oz (2501), a collective work aimed at creating highly colourful walls to which passersby can contribute to create an area that exudes joy and sharing (Omar Hassan), but also: colourful penguins that peep out in the streets (Pao), colourful shopping trolleys placed one on top of the next in Piazza Cavour (Emiliano Rubinacci), an installation with coloured flags on the facade of the Teatro Sociale (Bros), a guerrilla marketing campaign of public notices along the roads of Como (El Gato Chimney) audio-visual performances (Luciduck) and much more besides. A wave of fresh and spontaneous art including 3D works and sculptures that use different materials, from recycled materials to clay, vinyl to perspex, and in which the artists do not forget traditional techniques either, such as painting and stencil art, driving the art form into increasingly innovative areas through media images and a direct approach.
comON Street Scape forms part of Creativity Week, the culmination of comON, the Creativity Sharing project, now in its fifth year, conceived by a group of Como entrepreneurs with the goal of involving young creatives in a series of experiences in synergy with the leading businesses in the Como area. A week dedicated to design, art, fashion and innovation, focused on young Italian and international creatives who present projects and exhibitions, as well as their dreams and ambitions for the future.
The 2012 edition of comON continues to pursue its original goal, that of reviving ‘Made in Italy’, not just in Como city but also globally, creating a genuine interdisciplinary platform dedicated to creativity that involves the finest Italian and international creative talent in a year-long event. A project designed to contribute to the spread of creative ideas, not only brining the finest talent to the attention of companies in Como’s business district, but also promoting interaction between different businesses, universities and training institutions in a permanent fusion workshop.

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