A prestigious British car manufacturer launches an amazing project. Aston Martin AM37 on lake Como waters.

Anyone who has even the slightest idea of what élite is all about, knows that “Aston Martin” is a synonym for sporting exclusivity. And what has made it even more famous is the fact that it has always been – and still is – James Bond’s car. Born already in 1913, the Aston Martin belongs to that exclusive élite sports car category manufactured with handcrafted-care, and therefore – just as James Bond’s license to kill – it is definitely not an automobile for just anyone.

This is yet another reason to be surprised by the news that this famous car manufacturer from Gaydon is also about to manufacture a boat, although most certainly not a common boat. The “AM 37” will be produced in partnership with the Dutch company Quintessence Yachts, but – according to tradition – it will be built in Great Britain, with the same obsessive care dedicated to Aston Martin’s luxury land vehicles. Equipped with two V8 8,6 Mercury engines, each at 520 horsepower, the AM 37 will reach a top speed of 100km/h, which in the water is perceived as twice as much. And since the lake does not have waves, which on the sea and at that speed can become dangerous trampolines, the AM 37 is perfect for anyone who can afford to enjoy the lake in a fast and exclusive way.

Built with epoxy resin, the same used for racing boats, and reinforced with carbon fiber, it is equipped with an electronic control anchor, a refrigerator and a coffee machine activated by remote control. All that is needed is a special app and, voilà, coffee will be ready even before getting on board. But even more particular is that the inside of the cabin is secured by unique carbon panels; and by sliding these panels under the retractable rear covering with the simple turn of a key, it transforms itself into a perfect diving board.

An innovation that is perfectly in line with the traditional pleasures of elegance that make Lake Como unique. An exclusive way of navigating the Lake, perhaps speeding by Villa Gaeta, the historic residence that, with “Casino Royal”, introduced the magnetic Daniel Craig as the latest Bond interpreter. A new form of elegance combining tradition and innovation, luxury and sport, emotion and well-being. As for all stories that have had their natural scenario in this unique setting.

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