Admirers of refinement, sophistication, pure nature and beauty will appreciate the surroundings of Lake Como. In this extraordinary place it is always possible to feel a wide range of emotions – it is something like restraint and bright, colorful scenery at the same time, elegant and aristocratic buildings of the hill and simple grooming and naive fishers’ villages, security and power of mountain ranges and extraordinary palette of lake water, similar to the see. Residents of coastal towns, as well as countless visitors live in this reality on Lake Como every day.
One of the most visited towns is Tremezzo. This popular place is located in the central part of the lake, on the western shore. Tremezzo history goes to the ancient Roman time, it runs through the Middle Ages, flourishes from the 17th century with the construction of elegant and rich villas, and attracts visitors from all over the world at the end of the 19th century thanks to the construction of the first international-class hotel.
One of the most popular places remains the Grand Hotel Tremezzo, made in the style of “Art Nouveau”. Among the many beautiful historic buildings special attention deserves Villa Carlotta, open to visitors, as a museum, from March to November. The villa belt in the late 17th century and later belonged to the descendant of Prince Albert of Prussia. Today it is a masterpiece of architectural art. Villa Carlotta is worth of having a look especially in spring, when its garden is transformed into the sea of blooming azaleas. Bamboo garden will surprise visitors with the variety of vegetation and waterfalls game, created in accordance with the principles and techniques of Japanese gardens.
It will be interesting to see other rich historical heritage of Tremezzo: Villa La Quiete, named Gioconda, belt in the eighteenth century, where a popular poet Giuseppe Parini lived; Villa La Carlia, appeared in the late 17th century and designed by Antonio de Carli. In the district Bolvedro it is possible to visit the picturesque church of San Lorenzo and in the neighborhood of Rogaro you can discover ancient medieval high tower and the Church of Santa Maria, with its Black Madonna.
Naturally, we should not forget that Tremezzo enjoys a unique location, and any rest or a long stay may should be unforgettable thanks to walks on water jets, inspection of various sites in the neighboring towns, gastronomic tours, pedestrian walks in the mountains or water sports.

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