Lake Como

– Lake Como is the wonderful world in the world –

… One known edition has expressed

Certainly, this land is beautiful… magnificent ridges are harmoniously combined here with waters of the crystal-clear lake and the human touch in the form of refined architectural constructions and centuries of history are waiting to reveal their secrets.
Lake Como is one of the biggest lakes with a surface of 145 sq km and the deepest lake in Europe with a depth of 410 m.
It is located in the northern region of Italy, near Milan. The lake has a bizarre “Y” shape with three extremities: the northern with Colico, the southeast with Lecco and the southwest with Como.
The alps protect Lake Como area from the cold winds, giving to the inhabitants and the numerous visitors, a fine and favorable climate.
This place representing tranquility and grace has a big attractive force since the oldest times.
At the time of the Roman Empire the famous poet Virgilio lived here. The important politician Plinio il Giovane was engaged in the activity of the state and seems he lived in Varenna in the same spot where since the 1605 was built Villa Capuana.
During Renaissance the genius Leonardo da Vinci received inspiration here on lake Como.
A large group of famous writers of 18th and 19th centuries have created on coast lake Como the best works.
Among them we can mention: Johann Wolfgang Goethe, Stendhal, Alfred De Musset, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.
Alessandro Manzoni, native of the city of Lecco, has glorified Lake Como, thanks to his novel “I Promessi Sposi” with an opening sentence that for centuries has been kept in the memory of readers and drawn the attention on our lake:

 That branch of the lake of Como which extends southwards between two unbroken chains of mountains… –

And his namesake Alessandro Volta, born in the city of Como, has created the first battery. In honor of him the name “Volt” has been given to the unit of measure of tension.
Today a large number of celebrities which have succeeded in different fields, both politicians and businessmen, actors, artists, musicians live on coast of the lake.

Thousand of weddings have taken place on Lake Como homes, private luxury villas and luxury hotels as: Grand Hotel Villa D’Este in Cernobbio, Villa Del Balbianello in Lenno, Grand Hotel Serbelloni in Belagio, Villa Monastero in Varenna, Villa Passalaqua in Moltrasio, Relais Regina Teodolinda in Laglio, Villa La Cassinella.

By all means so amazing landscapes, couldn’t remain unnoticed in the best movies of the present cinema. Many international luxury brands such as cars, fashion, perfume, jewels manufacturers did use the beautiful sceneries of Lake Como for their advertisment on tv and on the specialized magazines.
Lake Como is rich and attractive by the historical and cultural heritage. Each town, small or big, comfortably settled down on slopes of mountains will be able to offer unique architectural constructions or distinguished objects of art.

As in any area, on Lake Como there are preferable routes. As lake Como occupies a huge space, it is more convenient to study the main sights on a private boat – why not on a Riva Aquarama ! – or on one of the various ferries. Also for fans of automobile trips the coastal zone of the lake will offer several networks of twisting roads which will lead the visitor up to the smallest towns offering breath-taking views of the lake. Many foreigners love to rent a special italian car during their stay on lake Como… you could be spoiled for choice the choice of the car can vary from a “simple” Fiat 500 Riva to a Maserati Cabrio, a Lamborghini Aventador or even a new Ferrari 488.
During the Concorso D’Eleganza, that take place every year in May inside the park of Villa D’Este in Cernobbio, are shown luxury vintage and modern cars.

The main town of Lake Como of course is the administrative center of Como. It also gave the name to the lake. This beautiful city which is more than 2000 years old will show to the visitors how constructions and monuments of last eras can successfully be combined with the current manifestations of culture. The old quarter of Como is closed inside medioeval walls that have different towers. Inside the walls there are the most important buildings of the town, the Duomo and the Broletto. The small town of Brunate can be reached from Como can be reached in 5 minutes using the funicular and achieving a quote of 800 m above the sea level. From Brunate very interesting hiking traks start and they reach Torno and Bellagio walking on the crest of the mountains.

Other interesting places to visit will be: Lecco, Cernobbio, Tremezzo, Griante, Varenna, Bellaggio, Menaggio, Lenno and the Comacina Island.
In these towns your attention can be definitely drawn to the refined historical villas, many of them are open for visit.
For example Villa Carlotta in Tremezzo besides delightful architecture will be able to surprise with the unique gardens constructed on the Japanese technologies.
Villa Melzi in Bellagio with a fine English garden along the lake will be able to show historical Napoleonic relics.
Villa D’Este, since centuries hotel of international class, saved elegance and charm of former times, nowadays attracts celebrities, businessmen, bankers, tycoon.
Villa Balbanello located in Lenno will take the breath away by its elegance and uniqueness, and the garden falling to the lake with a terrace from rocky breed the present performing botanical art.
Villa Monastero between the towns of Varenna and Fiumelatte will be interesting from the point of view of eclectic style and the gardens of villa that attract attention with exotic trees, statues, balustrades, the Venetian wells and fountains.
Staying on Lake Como for everyone will turn into the unique experience and will present special emotions. Those who like mountain walks will enjoy panoramic views of mountains and the lake fans will estimate the various choice of water sports.
To conclude, judges of art and architecture will be able to fill up the moneybox of acknowledge.

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