There is a lot of interesting and unusual facts that can be told about the special village of Laglio. Having passed on streets of the small town, you feel its foundations, traditions, lifestyle or taste of the real typical culinary dishes more thinly. Actually, it isn’t always possible to find a place where architectural concepts so harmoniously would coexist with natural resources as all vicinity of Lake Como. The famous American actor George Clooney has chosen for the summer residence the town of Laglio on the western coast of Lake Como, in the north of Milan. Surprisingly, after his acquisition of magnificent Villa Olenandra, Laglio became extremely popular, even though the town is of great interest from the point of view of tourism, cultural heritage and also as historical importance.
Fans of hiking will visit with pleasure the main archaeological sight of Laglio the “Bear cave”. It is about 400 m over the level of Lake Como. In this cave have been found remains not only of a bear, but also of many other disappeared animal species. The cave is a nature masterpiece. Its walls are covered with stalactites and stalagmites, and having passed 200 meters it is possible to find the lake occupying all the cave from 1 to 2 meters in depth.
Walking on the quiet measured town it is possible to visit Saint Giorgio church built in 1619. The stone portal of the 17th century decorates a front part, inside you will find the Saint Giorgio’s statue and the altar made of coloured marble. The complex of the temple includes five chapels.
Noble tranquility, regularity, clean mountain air will become your satellites throughout all your stay in this magic place. Ridges with snow-covered tops for all year will create contrast with almost Mediterranean vegetation at the foot of the mountain. And water journey in the middle of one of the deepest lakes of the world will allow to enjoy crystal-clear water and a scattering of bright multi-colored houses along the coast soaring on the hills. All this will give you forces of cheerfulness and inspiration.

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